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Contributors Guide

This document outlines how to contribute code to the SPP project.

Getting the code

The SPP code can be cloned from the repository on dpdk.org as follows:

    git clone git://dpdk.org/apps/spp
    git clone http://dpdk.org/git/apps/spp

The code can be browsed at http://dpdk.org/browse/apps/spp/

Submitting Patches

Contributions to SPP should be submitted as git formatted patches to the
SPP mailing list: spp@dpdk.org

Note you must first register for the mailing list at:

The commit message must end with a "Signed-off-by:" line which is added using:

    git commit --signoff # or -s

The purpose of the signoff is explained in the Linux kernel guidelines
Developer's Certificate of Origin:

    All developers must ensure that they have read, understood and complied
    with the Developer's Certificate of Origin section of the documentation
    prior to applying the signoff and submitting a patch.

The DPDK Code Contributors guidelines contain information that is
useful for submitting patches to SPP:

Coding Guidelines

* C code should follow the DPDK coding standards.
* Python code should follow PEP8.


The SPP maintainer is: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yigit@intel.com>