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 * Copyright (c) 2016 QLogic Corporation.
 * All rights reserved.
 * www.qlogic.com
 * See LICENSE.qede_pmd for copyright and licensing details.

#ifndef _QEDE_IF_H
#define _QEDE_IF_H

#include "qede_ethdev.h"

/* forward */
struct ecore_dev;
struct qed_sb_info;
struct qed_pf_params;
enum ecore_int_mode;

struct qed_dev_info {
	uint8_t num_hwfns;
	uint8_t hw_mac[ETHER_ADDR_LEN];
	bool is_mf_default;

	/* FW version */
	uint16_t fw_major;
	uint16_t fw_minor;
	uint16_t fw_rev;
	uint16_t fw_eng;

	/* MFW version */
	uint32_t mfw_rev;
#define QED_MFW_VERSION_0_MASK		0x000000FF
#define QED_MFW_VERSION_1_MASK		0x0000FF00
#define QED_MFW_VERSION_2_MASK		0x00FF0000
#define QED_MFW_VERSION_3_MASK		0xFF000000

	uint32_t flash_size;
	bool b_arfs_capable;
	bool b_inter_pf_switch;
	bool tx_switching;
	u16 mtu;

	bool smart_an;

	/* Out param for qede */
	bool vxlan_enable;
	bool gre_enable;
	bool geneve_enable;

	enum ecore_dev_type dev_type;

struct qed_dev_eth_info {
	struct qed_dev_info common;

	uint8_t num_queues;
	uint8_t num_tc;

	struct ether_addr port_mac;
	uint16_t num_vlan_filters;
	uint32_t num_mac_filters;

	/* Legacy VF - this affects the datapath */
	bool is_legacy;

#define INIT_STRUCT_FIELD(field, value) .field = value

struct qed_eth_ops {
	const struct qed_common_ops *common;
	int (*fill_dev_info)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			     struct qed_dev_eth_info *info);

struct qed_link_params {
	bool link_up;

#define QED_LINK_OVERRIDE_SPEED_AUTONEG         (1 << 0)
#define QED_LINK_OVERRIDE_PAUSE_CONFIG          (1 << 3)
	uint32_t override_flags;
	bool autoneg;
	uint32_t adv_speeds;
	uint32_t forced_speed;
#define QED_LINK_PAUSE_AUTONEG_ENABLE           (1 << 0)
#define QED_LINK_PAUSE_RX_ENABLE                (1 << 1)
#define QED_LINK_PAUSE_TX_ENABLE                (1 << 2)
	uint32_t pause_config;
	struct ecore_link_eee_params eee;

struct qed_link_output {
	bool link_up;
	uint32_t supported_caps;	/* In SUPPORTED defs */
	uint32_t advertised_caps;	/* In ADVERTISED defs */
	uint32_t lp_caps;	/* In ADVERTISED defs */
	uint32_t speed;		/* In Mb/s */
	uint32_t adv_speed;	/* Speed mask */
	uint8_t duplex;		/* In DUPLEX defs */
	uint16_t port;		/* In PORT defs */
	bool autoneg;
	uint32_t pause_config;

	/* EEE - capability & param */
	bool eee_supported;
	bool eee_active;
	u8 sup_caps;
	struct ecore_link_eee_params eee;

struct qed_slowpath_params {
	uint32_t int_mode;
	uint8_t drv_major;
	uint8_t drv_minor;
	uint8_t drv_rev;
	uint8_t drv_eng;
	uint8_t name[NAME_SIZE];

struct qed_common_cb_ops {
	void (*link_update)(void *dev, struct qed_link_output *link);

struct qed_common_ops {
	int (*probe)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
		     struct rte_pci_device *pci_dev,
		     uint32_t dp_module, uint8_t dp_level, bool is_vf);
	void (*set_name)(struct ecore_dev *edev, char name[]);
	enum _ecore_status_t
		(*chain_alloc)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			       enum ecore_chain_use_mode
			       enum ecore_chain_mode mode,
			       enum ecore_chain_cnt_type cnt_type,
			       uint32_t num_elems,
			       osal_size_t elem_size,
			       struct ecore_chain *p_chain,
			       struct ecore_chain_ext_pbl *ext_pbl);

	void (*chain_free)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			   struct ecore_chain *p_chain);

	void (*get_link)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			 struct qed_link_output *if_link);
	int (*set_link)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			struct qed_link_params *params);

	int (*drain)(struct ecore_dev *edev);

	void (*remove)(struct ecore_dev *edev);

	int (*slowpath_stop)(struct ecore_dev *edev);

	void (*update_pf_params)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
				 struct ecore_pf_params *params);

	int (*slowpath_start)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			      struct qed_slowpath_params *params);

	int (*set_fp_int)(struct ecore_dev *edev, uint16_t cnt);

	uint32_t (*sb_init)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			    struct ecore_sb_info *sb_info,
			    void *sb_virt_addr,
			    dma_addr_t sb_phy_addr,
			    uint16_t sb_id);

	int (*get_sb_info)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			   struct ecore_sb_info *sb, u16 qid,
			   struct ecore_sb_info_dbg *sb_dbg);

	bool (*can_link_change)(struct ecore_dev *edev);

	void (*update_msglvl)(struct ecore_dev *edev,
			      uint32_t dp_module, uint8_t dp_level);

	int (*send_drv_state)(struct ecore_dev *edev, bool active);

/* Externs */

const struct qed_eth_ops *qed_get_eth_ops(void);

#endif /* _QEDE_IF_H */