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Elixir Cross Referencer

/* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
 * Copyright(c) 2019-2021 Xilinx, Inc.
 * Copyright(c) 2019 Solarflare Communications Inc.
 * This software was jointly developed between OKTET Labs (under contract
 * for Solarflare) and Solarflare Communications, Inc.

#ifndef _SFC_MAE_H
#define _SFC_MAE_H

#include <stdbool.h>

#include <rte_spinlock.h>

#include "efx.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/** FW-allocatable resource context */
struct sfc_mae_fw_rsrc {
	unsigned int			refcnt;
	union {
		efx_mae_aset_id_t	aset_id;
		efx_mae_rule_id_t	rule_id;
		efx_mae_eh_id_t		eh_id;

/** Outer rule registry entry */
struct sfc_mae_outer_rule {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(sfc_mae_outer_rule)	entries;
	unsigned int			refcnt;
	efx_mae_match_spec_t		*match_spec;
	efx_tunnel_protocol_t		encap_type;
	struct sfc_mae_fw_rsrc		fw_rsrc;

TAILQ_HEAD(sfc_mae_outer_rules, sfc_mae_outer_rule);

/** Encap. header registry entry */
struct sfc_mae_encap_header {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(sfc_mae_encap_header)	entries;
	unsigned int				refcnt;
	uint8_t					*buf;
	size_t					size;
	efx_tunnel_protocol_t			type;
	struct sfc_mae_fw_rsrc			fw_rsrc;

TAILQ_HEAD(sfc_mae_encap_headers, sfc_mae_encap_header);

/** Action set registry entry */
struct sfc_mae_action_set {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(sfc_mae_action_set)	entries;
	unsigned int			refcnt;
	efx_mae_actions_t		*spec;
	struct sfc_mae_encap_header	*encap_header;
	struct sfc_mae_fw_rsrc		fw_rsrc;

TAILQ_HEAD(sfc_mae_action_sets, sfc_mae_action_set);

/** Options for MAE support status */
enum sfc_mae_status {

 * Encap. header bounce buffer. It is used to store header data
 * when parsing the header definition in the action VXLAN_ENCAP.
struct sfc_mae_bounce_eh {
	uint8_t				*buf;
	size_t				buf_size;
	size_t				size;
	efx_tunnel_protocol_t		type;

struct sfc_mae {
	/** Assigned switch domain identifier */
	uint16_t			switch_domain_id;
	/** Assigned switch port identifier */
	uint16_t			switch_port_id;
	/** NIC support for MAE status */
	enum sfc_mae_status		status;
	/** Priority level limit for MAE outer rules */
	unsigned int			nb_outer_rule_prios_max;
	/** Priority level limit for MAE action rules */
	unsigned int			nb_action_rule_prios_max;
	/** Encapsulation support status */
	uint32_t			encap_types_supported;
	/** Outer rule registry */
	struct sfc_mae_outer_rules	outer_rules;
	/** Encap. header registry */
	struct sfc_mae_encap_headers	encap_headers;
	/** Action set registry */
	struct sfc_mae_action_sets	action_sets;
	/** Encap. header bounce buffer */
	struct sfc_mae_bounce_eh	bounce_eh;

struct sfc_adapter;
struct sfc_flow_spec;

/** This implementation supports double-tagging */

/** It is possible to keep track of one item ETH and two items VLAN */

/** Auxiliary entry format to keep track of L2 "type" ("inner_type") */
struct sfc_mae_ethertype {
	rte_be16_t	value;
	rte_be16_t	mask;

struct sfc_mae_pattern_data {
	 * Keeps track of "type" ("inner_type") mask and value for each
	 * parsed L2 item in a pattern. These values/masks get filled
	 * in MAE match specification at the end of parsing. Also, this
	 * information is used to conduct consistency checks:
	 * - If an item ETH is followed by a single item VLAN,
	 *   the former must have "type" set to one of supported
	 *   TPID values (0x8100, 0x88a8, 0x9100, 0x9200, 0x9300).
	 * - If an item ETH is followed by two items VLAN, the
	 *   item ETH must have "type" set to one of supported TPID
	 *   values (0x88a8, 0x9100, 0x9200, 0x9300), and the outermost
	 *   VLAN item must have "inner_type" set to TPID value 0x8100.
	 * - If a L2 item is followed by a L3 one, the former must
	 *   indicate "type" ("inner_type") which corresponds to
	 *   the protocol used in the L3 item, or 0x0000/0x0000.
	 * In turn, mapping between RTE convention (above requirements) and
	 * MAE fields is non-trivial. The following scheme indicates
	 * which item EtherTypes go to which MAE fields in the case
	 * of single tag:
	 * ETH	(0x8100)	--> VLAN0_PROTO_BE
	 * VLAN	(L3 EtherType)	--> ETHER_TYPE_BE
	 * Similarly, in the case of double tagging:
	 * ETH	(0x88a8)	--> VLAN0_PROTO_BE
	 * VLAN	(0x8100)	--> VLAN1_PROTO_BE
	 * VLAN	(L3 EtherType)	--> ETHER_TYPE_BE
	struct sfc_mae_ethertype	ethertypes[SFC_MAE_L2_MAX_NITEMS];
	unsigned int			nb_vlan_tags;

	 * L3 requirement for the innermost L2 item's "type" ("inner_type").
	 * This contains one of:
	 * - 0x0800/0xffff: IPV4
	 * - 0x86dd/0xffff: IPV6
	 * - 0x0000/0x0000: no L3 item
	struct sfc_mae_ethertype	innermost_ethertype_restriction;

	 * The following two fields keep track of L3 "proto" mask and value.
	 * The corresponding fields get filled in MAE match specification
	 * at the end of parsing. Also, the information is used by a
	 * post-check to enforce consistency requirements:
	 * - If a L3 item is followed by an item TCP, the former has
	 *   its "proto" set to either 0x06/0xff or 0x00/0x00.
	 * - If a L3 item is followed by an item UDP, the former has
	 *   its "proto" set to either 0x11/0xff or 0x00/0x00.
	uint8_t				l3_next_proto_value;
	uint8_t				l3_next_proto_mask;

	 * L4 requirement for L3 item's "proto".
	 * This contains one of:
	 * - 0x06/0xff: TCP
	 * - 0x11/0xff: UDP
	 * - 0x00/0x00: no L4 item
	uint8_t				l3_next_proto_restriction_value;
	uint8_t				l3_next_proto_restriction_mask;

struct sfc_mae_parse_ctx {
	struct sfc_adapter		*sa;
	efx_mae_match_spec_t		*match_spec_action;
	efx_mae_match_spec_t		*match_spec_outer;
	 * This points to either of the above two specifications depending
	 * on which part of the pattern is being parsed (outer / inner).
	efx_mae_match_spec_t		*match_spec;
	 * This points to either "field_ids_remap_to_encap"
	 * or "field_ids_no_remap" (see sfc_mae.c) depending on
	 * which part of the pattern is being parsed.
	const efx_mae_field_id_t	*field_ids_remap;
	/* These two fields correspond to the tunnel-specific default mask. */
	size_t				tunnel_def_mask_size;
	const void			*tunnel_def_mask;
	bool				match_mport_set;
	struct sfc_mae_pattern_data	pattern_data;
	efx_tunnel_protocol_t		encap_type;
	unsigned int			priority;

int sfc_mae_attach(struct sfc_adapter *sa);
void sfc_mae_detach(struct sfc_adapter *sa);
sfc_flow_cleanup_cb_t sfc_mae_flow_cleanup;
int sfc_mae_rule_parse_pattern(struct sfc_adapter *sa,
			       const struct rte_flow_item pattern[],
			       struct sfc_flow_spec_mae *spec,
			       struct rte_flow_error *error);
int sfc_mae_rule_parse_actions(struct sfc_adapter *sa,
			       const struct rte_flow_action actions[],
			       struct sfc_flow_spec_mae *spec_mae,
			       struct rte_flow_error *error);
sfc_flow_verify_cb_t sfc_mae_flow_verify;
sfc_flow_insert_cb_t sfc_mae_flow_insert;
sfc_flow_remove_cb_t sfc_mae_flow_remove;

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _SFC_MAE_H */